Health and Social with Child Care

Exam Board: OCR

The optional units can be of your own choice and selected from the many available, to suit the career path that you wish to follow. For example, if you wish to enter the Childcare profession you may wish to study Unit 8 – Creativity and activity for children and young people whereas if you intend to enter Health or Social Care you may prefer a unit such as Unit 11 – Career planning for health and social care or Unit 23 – Sociology for health and social care. The compulsory units, such as Unit 1 – Building positive relationships are relevant across all 3 of the ‘care’ settings.

Work experience is an integral part of the course and can be whole days off-site in a setting such as a nursery or doctors surgery or individual lessons supporting and mentoring Year 7s and 8s within school.

Guest speakers and visitors are a regular feature of the course and give you the opportunity to hear, and ask questions, about various roles within Health, Social and Child Care settings.


25% examination / 75% coursework

Some units are assessed by exams which are marked externally and others assessed by coursework which is marked internally. These internal assignments can be both written or witness statements of activities such as 1:1 and group work.

Extended Certificate – equivalent to one A-Level (16-56 points. Pass to Distinction*)

Diploma – equivalent to two A-Levels (32-112 points. PP to D*D*)

Extended Diploma – equivalent to three A-Levels (48-168 points. PPP to D*D*D*)


College Entry Requirements.

Where can it lead?

The Extended Certificate, when combined with other A levels, and the Diploma and Extended Diploma alone, provide the UCAS points to enable you to go on to university and study one of the many different courses which will be available to you such as Health and Social Care, BA (Hons) and lead on to careers such as Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Midwifery, Social Working, Teaching, Nursery Nurse. Other opportunities that could be open to you would be to apply for an apprenticeship or maybe even support you starting your own business such as a nursery.