Computer Science

Exam Board: OCR

A-Level Computer Science qualification helps you to understand the core academic principles of computer science. Classroom learning is transferred into creating real-world systems through the creation of an independent programming project. A-Level Computer Science will develop your technical understanding and your ability to analyse and solve problems using computational thinking.

You will complete three units of work for this qualification.

Unit 1 – Computer Systems

Unit 2 – Algorithms and Programming

Unit 3 – Programming Project

You are expected to apply the principles of computational thinking to a practical coding programming project. You will analyse, design, develop, test, evaluate and document a program written in a suitable programming language. The project is designed to be independently chosen by you and provides you with the flexibility to investigate projects within the diverse field of computer science.


Unit 1 – Computer Systems – 40% (External Exam)

Unit 2 – Algorithms and Programming – 40% (External Exam)

Unit 3 – Programming Project – 20% (Non-Examined Assessment)


College Entry Requirements and a grade B or higher in GCSE Computer Science.

Where can it lead?

Upon completion of this course you will gain UCAS points which could potentially lead to continuing your studies in this subject area at university. Alternatively, you may choose to explore employment opportunities in the areas of Computer Science/Programming (either apprenticeships or full-time employment).