Exam Board: Edexcel

The areas of performing, composing and listening are assessed. Performances are recorded and marked externally. Compositions take the form of controlled assessments and are marked externally. The listening is assessed in an examination at the end of the course.

Performance: An eight-minute recital on instrument or voice at approximately a grade 7 standard.

Composition: Two compositions — the first is a free composition or a composition from a set brief. A full score and recording must be submitted. The second composition will be a harmonisation of a Bach chorale.

Examination: An examination on 18 set works from different periods in history and in various musical styles. This will include essay writing and aural tasks.


70% examination / 30% coursework


General college entry requirements plus a grade 5 or above in GCSE Music.

Where can it lead?

A-Level Music can lead to a further education course in teaching, performing, composing, technology, music history, sound engineering and many more.